Thrishantha’s uncategorized fiction – Devi

I don’t know if it is a science fiction, just a fiction, autobiography, or a philosophical note. It maybe a mix of everything. Somehow it goes like this….

On 26th of December 2004, a new word, Tsunami, entered the Sri Lankan vocabulary. On that day, a series of gigantic waves achieved in few minutes a level of destruction that the catastrophic civil war in the North and the East could not reach in two decades. Communication towers were twisted and brought down to the ground as if caught up in a nuclear blast. A commuter train was twisted and washed away with thousands of lives within. The fishing industry was crippled, all but shattered, with the boats broken into pieces and mixed with the bodies of their former captains and dependents, a macabre, confused jetsam abandoned by the receding surf. Dazed, mothers were left looking amongst barren waste for the means to stop their breasts from swelling with nurturing, unwanted milk. Shocked, lovers were instantly torn apart, separated into two worlds.  Horrified, children lost their teachers as well as schools and whole neighborhoods and towns. The government was miserably trembling with the tension, overwhelmed, stumbling around without direction and tripping on its own red tape……

Download the complete book in PDF.

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