Robotics Initiative at Newham Collegiate of Sixth Form

Three PhD students from Department of Informatics, King’s College London, and representatives from the King’s Robotics Society went to Newham Collegiate Sixth Form Centre (NCS) on 13th July 2015, to talk about how we enjoy math and science through robotics projects. NCS is a school that takes brilliant students from underprivileged areas of East London to prepare them for university entrance. We were told that other schools in this area do not have enough resources to offer a proper Sixth Form education and that the students of NCS come from very challenging backgrounds in East London. We saw an amazing level of energy, enthusiasm, and ambition in these students that one can notice from following pictures.

I then discussed with the head of the department of Informatics about my plans to invite a group of student representatives and math and science teachers from this school to join the laboratory classes for the module – Introduction to Robotics – I teach in the Autumn semester absolutely free of charge. Those interested robotics PhD students and any member in the King’s Robotics Society will volunteer to help me in the lab classes. The trained students and teachers will then start a robotics club in Newham Collegiate of Sixth Form and we will collaborate to develop a new curriculum to teach math and science through robotics projects. And, I got green light!

So, those who wish to volunteer, please contact me, and lets get these kids to perform in par with the country’s best private schools in university entrance exams!

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