Robotics workshop series for Newham Sixth Form Collegiate

I am proud of our undergraduate and PhD students who volunteered to do a free robotic workshop series to a very keen and energetic group of students from Newham Sixth Form Collegiate. This series done in the teaching labs of the Department of Informatics, King’s College London will help these students and their teachers to use robotics as a new tool to learn/teach Maths and Physics.

Related notes:

  1. Hand sketches of some relevant theory of analog and digital signals: PDF

2. Interfacing a sonar sensor (PDF) and a DC motor (PDF) using Arduino single board computer.

3. Controlling the speed of a DC servo motor in response to sonar sensor readings: PDF

Some photos:

photo photo Newham1 2015-11-18 16.08.56 2015-11-18 16.08.41 2015-11-18 16.08.34 2015-11-18 16.02.00 2015-11-18 16.01.53 2015-11-18 16.01.48 2015-11-18 16.01.03 2015-11-18 16.01.07 2015-11-18 15.16.13 2015-11-18 15.15.59 2015-11-18 15.15.54 Free robotics workshop series to Newham Sixth Form Collegiate IMG_0961 IMG_0965 IMG_0981 Newham IMG_0967 IMG_0969 IMG_0963 IMG_20150713_160934 IMG_20150713_154219 IMG_20150713_153239 IMG_20150713_151256 IMG_20150713_151224 IMG_20150713_150915

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