A Graphene Based Wearable Stiffness Controllable Interface for virtual haptic feedback

Imagine you wear a glove or a sleeve to modulate your finger joints stiffness. It can give you artificial sense of touch and feel of the texture i.e. you can touch and feel the environment when you watch a 3D movie. Imagine you use this device when you shop online to feel the texture of the cloth you are looking at. People can use it in museum to actually feel the objects and portraits without damaging them. You can even cuddle your friend as you are on a skype chat with him/her. Most importantly, this device can be used by a surgeon in teleoperation surgery.

Electro active polymers are used to create sense of touch through generating vibration and sense of deformation and stiffness through a hydraulic media. Bulky mechanisms are used to impose virtual force to mimic sense of touch. Here we want to investigate how graphene, a new one layer thick material based on carbon, can improve the development, performance and wearability.

The project involves development and test of the performance of the idea. Keen interest in lab work, inspiration from nature, punctuality and time management are required. The project involves learning some material development techniques, using high voltage equipment and learning how to use a force sensor and linear actuator. You will collaborate with a PhD student throughout the project which will help you write a conference paper based on your final results.