A Layer Jammed Wearable Sleeve

Imagine you wear a T-shirt or a trouser that modulates your elbow and knee stiffness. You can use it to work out your muscles, to help you hold heavy weight, and to give you artificial sense of gravity or touch. Old people can use it to prevent their fall in subsequent injury.

Layer jamming has been used to develop stiffness controllable interfaces for continuum manipulators. It is known that wood has multilayer structure which its stiffness can be controlled through hydration and dehydration.

We want to test the bio-inspired idea of modulating a wood like interlayer interaction through electrical modulation.

The project involves development and test of the performance of the idea. Keen interest in lab work, inspiration from nature, punctuality and time management are required. The project involves learning DC motor control methods, learning Arduino and learning how to use a force sensor and linear actuator. You will have the collaborate with a PhD student throughout the project which will help you write a conference paper based on your final results.