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General practitioners examined our robotic patient

Thrish gives a plenary keynote speech at IEEE PIMRC 2017

Thrish gave a plenary keynote speech at IEEE PIMRC, one of the leading mobile communication conferences in the World. The talk focused on how living beings survive in uncertain environments that require fast responses with a central nervous system (CNS) known to have very slow communication fibers (a signal from fingertip to brain takes about 120msec). Most rapid responses cannot be explained using such slow communication pathways.

The talk using robotic experimental evidence on the role of fast bodily computers (morphological computers) that work in conjunction with the CNS helped to challenge the conventional notion that the slow CNS is entirely responsible for intelligent behavior. This aligned well with the latest trends in 5G communication where field experts argue that some new decentralized solutions are required to go beyond the current bottlenecks. Link

S.M.Hadi Sadati’s two papers accepted in Frontiers in Robotics and AI Journal and TAROS 2017 Conference

Papers on ‘A Geometry Deformation Model for Braided Continuum Manipulators’ and ‘Mechanics of Continuum Manipulators, A Comparative Study of Five Methods with Experiments‘ have been accepted in Frontiers in Robotics and AI Journal and TAROS 2017 Conference, respectively. The findings, described in these papers, provide a deep insight into comprehensive modeling of braided continuum manipulators for surgery applications.

Thrish in a BBC Radio 3 live interview on hands

Psychoanalyst Darian Leader’s new book looks at the culture and psychology of the human hand. He joins Matthew Sweet along with art historian Lisa Le Feuvre, currently curating an exhibition on sculpture and prosthesis at the Henry Moore Institute in Leeds, and robotics scientist Thrishantha Nanayakkara from King’s College London, who works on the problem of engineering a functioning hand from scratch…more