Elham Hamid



PhD candidate

Email: elh13889_812477922109816_860578025190697319_nam.hamid@kcl.ac.uk






  • Biography

In 2006, Elham Hamid started her Bachelor Degree in Mechatronics at Sharif University of Technology in Iran.  After having completed her Bachelor in 2011, she continued her Master degree in Mechatronics at at the at Sharif University of Technology in Iran.  After having completed her Mater degree in 2012, she has moved to England and studied a Master degree in Robotics at University of Bristol. After having completed her master degree in Robotics in 2014, she continued her studies in Robotics at King’s College London, University of London.

  • Description of research

Her work focuses on the design and fabrication of soft sensors  to be implemented on soft robots. She is currently focusing on the development of a soft and stretchable force sensor.

  • Research interests

Soft sensing                                                                                                                                                 Soft manipulators

  • Work Experience

[2009] – [2010] Trainee, Iran Khodro Co.  Iran Khodro Co. is the largest car manufacturer in Iran and has a joint venture with Peugeot. I worked there as trainee. This training duration was for about 240 hours.

[2010] – [2011] Trainee, Areya Man Motor Co & Kishkhodro Co. Areya Man Motor Co. is the only company in Iran that produces luxury cars and is a contractor of the car manufacturing company, Kishkhodro Co. The training was also for about 240 hours.

  •  Publications:

Light Intensity Based Optical Force/Torque Sensor for Robotic ManipulatorsY. Noh, A. Shiva, E. Hamid, H. Liu, K. Althoefer, K. Rhode, 2016, 6th Joint Workshop on New Technologies for Computer/Robot Assisted Surgery, September 12-14, 2016 (CRAS 2016)