Weekly meetings

This is my calendar. Those who have edit rights, whenever you want to discuss anything with me, please just reserve a vacant slot in the calendar. You don’t have to ask me. I will let you know if I cannot meet at your preferred time. Silence from my end means I will expect you in my office (s1.23). PhD students, if you prefer to meet in the lab, please mention that in the reservation. I will come down.

Weekly lab meeting and journal club is from 2.30 – 4 pm on Tuesdays in room s1.12 unless otherwise mentioned on the calendar. This is our most important weekly meeting, because all PhD students and postdoctoral fellows discuss their results, thoughts, and scientific questions with others. We also read latest publications of relevance to current research projects. So, please feel free to join. Masters and final year undergraduate students I supervise are also encouraged to join because this is a grand opportunity for you to know what is going on, and to pitch your ideas in to get good feedback.

My Tutees are also encouraged to join. But if you have a question, check this FAQ first.

Usually, a month before IROS and ICRA paper deadlines, meetings are a bit tightly planned to give maximum time to those who submit papers. This may also be a good time for others to see how to prepare for a good paper submission.

Our lab motto is: “Don’t do anything that is not fun”. So, come if you are in a mood to enjoy science.