King’s College DRC Team

King’s College DARPA Robotics Challenge Team.

This year, a team of five masters students from King’s College London participated in the DARPA Robotics Challenge – Track C.

The energetic team, tutored by the PhD students of CoRe, advised by Dr Thrishantha Nanayakkara, was able to qualify for the first round of the challenge that will be held in June.

We congratulate all other teams that passed the qualification test (see scoreboard).

We also thank our collaborators Prof. Kaspar Althoefer, Dr. Hongbin Liu, and Prof. Maria Fox.
Here are the student go getters…


David Baxter Rushabh Deepak Doshi Polys Georgiou
Fabio Carvalho Guedes Karmsheel Ramsugit


Following there are some thoughts from the team members on how they found being part of our team:

I worked in a small team focused on locomotion for the DRCSIM. Our skills and experience really complemented each other to push the project forward. I was surprised that what we could accomplish working together was far superior to that which we could have independently.

– David

The KCL DRC 2013 Team has helped me learn how to work as a team for tackling difficult problem statements such as the DRC 2013, by modularizing the process and help achieve the desired task in a given amount of time by putting in hard work along with knowledge.

– Rushabh

Joining the KCL DARPA Team is a unique opportunity to apply what we have learned in robotics in a challenging real-world scenario while representing the College in a top-notch competition.

– Polys

Being in the team showed me that the a group can accomplish more than an individual but also that this group combination of diversified competences are important to thrive. Moreover, I believe this challenge enabled me to raise my skills to a higher level.

– Fabio

By being part of King’s DRC team, I’ve learned that value of communication far outstrips individual effort when it comes to the success of the team. Making sure everybody is not left behind results in the completion of the project much sooner and with better results.

– Karmsheel

The team of PhD students and research fellows from the department of Informatics (Centre for Robotics Research and the Planning Group) tutoring our team members::

João Bimbo Giuseppe Cotugno Angela Faragasso
Allen Jiang Bram Ridder

Some thoughts from the PhD mentors:

The members of this team were dedicated, focused, and rose to the challenges that faced us. The students and their Ph.D mentors worked hand in hand to solve the most difficult problems in robotics: locomotion and manipulation. From pacing around the lab to calculating zero moment points, the evolution of the team’s problem solving process led us to achieve our goals.

– Allen

Some thoughts from the team advisor:

It was another learning experience for me. The way PhD and masters students took responsibility, developed team spirit, and gave their best dedication to accomplish goals while enjoying science, gave me new insights into leadership in science based projects.

– Thrish

If you would like to contact us or to get involved in the team, please get in touch with Thrish.