Journal papers

  1. S Sadati, S Elnaz Naghibi, Ali Shiva, Brendan Michael, Ludovic Renson, Matthew Howard, Caleb D Rucker, Kaspar Althoefer, Thrishantha Nanayakkara, Steffen Zschaler, Christos Bergeles, Helmut Hauser, Ian D Walker, “TMTDyn: A Matlab package for modeling and control of hybrid rigid–continuum robots based on discretized lumped system and reduced-order models”, in press, International Journal of Robotics Research (IJRR) PDF.
  2. Sara Adela-Abad Guaman, Nicolas Herzig, Seyedmohammadhadi Sadati, Thrishantha Nanayakkara, “Significance of the compliance of the joints on the dynamic slip resistance of a bio-inspired hoof”, in press, IEEE transactions on robotics PDF
  3. Saina Akhond, Nicolas Herzig, Hasitha Wegiriya, Thrishantha Nanayakkara, “A Method to Guide Local Physical Adaptations in a Robot Based on Phase Portraits”, IEEE Access PDF
  4. Wegiriya, Hasitha, Nicolas Herzig, Sara-Adela Abad, SM Hadi Sadati, and Thrishantha Nanayakkara. “A Stiffness Controllable Multimodal Whisker Sensor Follicle for Texture Comparison.” IEEE Sensors Journal (2019). PDF

Conference papers

  1. Seyedmohammadhadi Sadati, Ali Shiva, Seyedeh Elnaz Naghibi, Caleb Rucker, Ludovic Renson, Christos Bergeles, Kaspar Althoefer, Thrishantha Nanayakkara, Helmut Hauser, Ian Walker, “Reduced Order vs. Discretized Lumped System Models with Absolute and Relative States for Continuum Manipulators”, accepted in Robotics: Science and Systems (RSS), 2019.
  2. Visakha K. Nanayakkara, Nantachai Sornkarn, Hasitha Wegiriya, Nikolaos Vitzilaios, Demetrios Venetsanos, Nicolas Rojas, M. Necip Sahinkaya, Thrishantha Nanayakkara (2019) A Method to Estimate the Oblique Arch Folding Axis for Thumb Assistive Devices. In: Althoefer K., Konstantinova J., Zhang K. (eds) Towards Autonomous Robotic Systems. TAROS 2019. Lecture Notes in Computer Science, vol 11649. Springer, Cham PDF