Dhireshan Gadiagellan

Dhireshan Gadiagellan, BSc(Hons) Electronic Engineering

PhD Candidate

Email: dhireshan.gadiagellan@kcl.ac.uk


Dhireshan Gadiagellan obtained a BSc(Hons) degree in Electronic Engineering from the University of Kwa-Zulu Natal in South Africa. His final year 3D Scanner project (aka the bunny scanner) won the Accenture award for best image processing design project.

After completing his studies in 2004, Dhireshan relocated to the UK where he pursued a career in robotics and automation. In 2007 he started Gadgitech Ltd, a successful consultancy specialising in robotic automation within the pharmaceutical drug discovery sector.

His thirst for knowledge and continued growth lead to the pursuit of a PhD that merges robotics and neuroscience. In April 2013 Dhireshan began working towards this goal under the supervision of Dr Lawrence Moon (Wolfson Centre for Age Related Diseases) and Dr Thrishantha Nanayakkara (Centre for Robotic Research) at Kings College London.



Topic: Neural Repair & Robotics. – Training, rehabilitation and assessment of sugar pellet grasping by rats: In-cage automation of a test for dexterity after stroke.

Stroke is a chronic debilitating disease that affects millions of individuals and collective medical costs reach into the billions of dollars. Research into treatment of this disease involves the behavioural assessment in rats using the Single Pellet Reaching task. This particular task is one of the most effective assessment methods yet is time consuming, resulting in lower powered experiments than that desired by researchers.

The primary objective of Dhireshan’s PhD is the in-cage automation of this task. Successful development and implementation of a suitable apparatus will result in more powerful experimental results via larger data sets, streamlined and repeatable assessments, reduction in animal stress and at the same time allowing the researcher more time to focus on other research areas and activities. This project forms part of an effort to evaluate a growth factor (Neurotrophin 3) as a possible treatment for a central nervous system injury such as stroke.

This project is currently funded by an ERC grant.

Interests & Hobbies
  • RC Racing
  • Autonomous Robotics
  • Neural Networks
  • Entrepreneurial ventures