Max Escudero

maxprofileMaximiliano F. Escudero Morland, MEng
PhD Candidate


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Max Escudero received his master’s degree in mechanical engineering from King’s College London in 2012. His dissertation work  concluded with the design, manufacture and testing of a novel MR-compatible pneumatic stepper motor. Since then he is working towards his Ph.D. within the Centre for Robotics Research at King’s College London.

Description of Research

Max is studying the effects of using variable stiffness and damping profiles in the knee joints of walkers. Specifically, the effect on cost of transport, peak collision force and steady state variability of a rimless wheel, where the vertical translation of the wheel has an analogous correlation to the flexing of a knee joint. This study is conducted via Matlab simulations and experiments.

He has further interest in the passive control of stiffness and damping profiles, as seen with the cam profile of the knee joint, in cyclic tasks such as walking and running. He believes if developed further this could be beneficial for prosthetics, orthotics and robotics.

Research interests

  • Variable dampers
  • Passive pneumatic/hydraulic actuation
  • Bipedal motion dynamics


  1. Novel method to form adaptive internal impedance profiles in walkers
    Maximiliano F. Escudero Morland, Kaspar Althoefer and Thrishantha Nanayakkara. 37th Annual International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society (EMBC). Milan, Italy, August 2015