Stiffness Controllable Armor inspired by Fish Scales

Imagine you wear an armor which prevents penetration of sharp things, propagates the energy of a punch and help you hold heavy lifts as well. You can use it to work out your muscles. It can even give you virtual sense of touch.

Teleost fish scales have been a source of inspiration to build flexible armors recently. Besides, layer jamming has been used to develop stiffness controllable interfaces for continuum manipulators. Here we want to combine all the goods from these two research to develop a 3D printable stiffness controllable armor. We have new ideas on how to achieve electroactive stiffness modulation.

The project involves development and test of the performance of the idea. Keen interest in CAD design, lab work, inspiration from nature, punctuality and time management are required. The project involves learning Soliworks for CAD design, using 3D printer, learning PWM control methods, learning Arduino and learning how to use a force sensor and linear actuator. You will collaborate with a PhD student throughout the project which will help you write a conference paper based on your final results.